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Elitone Treatment

Elitone Treatment

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Regain Control. Regain Confidence.

Elitone® is the external pelvic floor exerciser that tones your pelvic floor (does Kegels) for you. Do you leak urine when you laugh, sneeze, or exercise? Stress incontinence often happens when the pelvic floor muscles are too weak. Kegels help them get strong, but can be hard to do correctly and sufficiently.  You will worry less knowing that Elitone’s gentle contractions are done for you, longer and stronger than you can on your own. And all for less than you spend on absorbent pads each year.

Ditch the pads, stop your leaks, and feel freedom in weeks.

Elitone treats stress urinary incontinence at home, discreetly and comfortably. It is designed for over-the-counter use by women, and no prescription is required. doctor-recommended, Clinical studies show that our products reduced leaks in 95% of women. Easy to use and comfortable, Elitone empowers women to regain control and be confident.

Soon you’ll be able to wear the gray leggings, run the extra mile, laugh without worry, and leave your leaks behind for good – guaranteed.

  • External: Worn under your clothes and adhered gently to your skin, experience non-invasive treatment that doesn’t get in the way of your day-to-day life.
  • Effective: Proven to reduce leaks by up to 70% or more in just 6 weeks.
  • Easy: Peel, Press, and Go! It’s so comfortable you can wear it for just 20 minutes while you go about your normal day; whenever and wherever is most convenient.
  • Science Backed: Clinically tested, FDA-cleared, and physician-recommended.

Typical use of ELITONE is 4-5 times per week for 6-12 weeks. The intensity should be at the highest level that is comfortably tolerable for the best results. Each GelPad may be used at least 3 times until it loses its stickiness. See directions below.

  • Apply the GelPad under your clothes, exactly where you would place a pad. Elitone is safe for sensitive skin and doesn’t pull hair.
  • Adjust the handheld controller to select a treatment level that’s right and comfortable for you.
  • Wear 20 minutes a day for just 6 weeks! Our advanced neuromuscular stimulation directly targets internal muscles while being gentle on the surface.

Do NOT use if you:

·        Have an electronic implant (e.g. cardiac pacemaker, implanted defibrillator) or suffer from heart problems

·        Have active cancer, epilepsy or cognitive dysfunction

·        Have had pelvic floor surgery within the last six weeks

·        Have complete denervation of the pelvic floor

·        Have a history or symptoms of urinary retention, extra-urethral incontinence, overflow incontinence

·        ELITONE is not recommended if you ONLY have symptoms of urinary frequency or urgency (using the restroom very frequently or having to rush to the restroom), with NO symptoms of leakage when coughing, laughing, sneezing or exercising


Q.          Do I need a prescription?                

A.         Elitone is FDA-cleared for use without a prescription.                                                           

Q.          How do I use Elitone?                        

A.             Elitone is used at your convenience in the privacy of your home. A GelPad is placed on your perineal (pubic) area and then connected to a tiny controller. After putting on your clothes, clip the controller to your waistband, and press a button to start a treatment. During treatment, you can walk around and continue your daily routine. After 20 minutes of treatment, the controller turns off automatically.

Q.          Are there any side effects?                 

A.             Elitone is regulatory-cleared as a treatment for stress urinary incontinence in women. This means that it was found to be both safe and effective. The most common side effects are skin irritation and muscle fatigue, and these most often occur when the device is used more than the recommended amount. Both are typically addressed by taking a few days off from treatment. When you receive your Elitone it is important to thoroughly read the User Manual. It explains proper operation and how to avoid misuse.

Q.          How does it work?

Elitone works by sending signals (neurostimulation) that tell your pelvic muscles to contract and relax. As they contract they get toned, which is needed to keep the valve closed as you move around.      

Q.          What type of incontinence is Elitone for?

A.             Elitone is designed to tone the pelvic floor muscles underneath the bladder. It is indicated for stress incontinence (bladder leaks with physical movement.) Many women have both stress incontinence and overactive bladder (urgency, urge incontinence), and Elitone does send out signals known to treat both types (but more for stress incontinence). When you have urgency or an overactive bladder, a stronger pelvic floor can also help you get to the toilet without an accident. 

Q.          How well does it work?

A.             In our clinical studies 95% of women reduced their leaks afer 6 weeks of use. Average reduction was 71% at that point (many may need to use it longer).  Pad reduction was 85%. This is similar to all the invasive (vaginally inserted) treatment alternatives.                              

Q.          What does the therapy feel like?

A.             Women report a tingling sensation where the GelPad contacts the skin. A few minutes into the treatment, your skin may feel a little numb.  Elitone is specially developed with PMW technology to send signals safely and comfortably through the skin to reach the muscles and treat urinary incontinence [unlike low-frequency devices like TENS for pain management].                                 

Q.          What are GelPads About?                 

A.             10 GelPads are included in a typical kit. GelPads are used to transmit the stimulation to correct body placement. Each GelPad can be reused until it loses it's stickiness. We count a minimum of 3, but most women use it 6-9 times each. Additional packs of 5 GelPads are $28 each. Rest assured, as an FDA-cleared device, it has passed all biocompatibility tests. The gels in the GelPads are non-toxic hydrogels, which means it is mostly salt-water. The gel is slightly sticky and originates from the wound-care industry, which means that it does NOT pull hair and is very gentle.                           

Q.          Do I need to shave?                           

A.             Most women do not need to shave or wax, but trimming hair is often helpful. The gel used in the GelPads can be applied over hair and will not pull hair when removed. However, there does need to be good skin contact. Some women in our clinical study said they shaved or trimmed hair for best results.

Q.      Can I use it if/for...                   

A.             No: have electronic implants, males, hypertonic pelvic muscles, pregnant

                 Yes: metal implants, prolapse, fecal incontinence, heavyweight, better sex, postpartum and more

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